Why We're Different

It has become common that you are expected to do even more, with fewer resources and less time. You are doing your best to survive in the relentless chaos of retail. The last thing you need is to spend your time with suppliers who just don't get it.

We believe you command strong relationships with partners you can trust. We are clear that your time is a precious commodity and you care a tremendous amount about reaching your priority goals and key initiatives, eliminating challenges and avoiding failure—And you are looking for partners who can help you accomplish these things.

At SemaSys, we become deeply relevant to our client-partners and their teams. We align with your priorities and become an invaluable resource of ideas and knowledge. We keep it simple and personable…our success is solely based upon yours. We understand the necessity for speed and aren't slowed down by frequent change.

We do nothing but retail and we have been very successful at it. Since 1937, every project we work on is ultimately driven to create a call to action and that is to: ENGAGE, EVALUATE AND BUY! We keep front of mind that we are all in it to ultimately move product off of shelves. We are successful using 70+ years of “in the trenches” retail store level execution experience to create expert designs that are effective, implementable and cost effective. We provide even more value because we possess more in-house manufacturing capabilities than others which reduces your vendor coordination resulting in more control, more consistency and uniformity of quality presentation and on top of all of that… We are GOOD ECONOMICS.


What We Do

    • PRINTING (Digital, Screen & Litho)

In-Line Merchandising

Fixtures & Displays


Design Services




P.O.P. & Navigational

Design Services

Pricing & Gondola Sign Systems


Who We Are


2015 OKC

2015 Houston

Since 1937, SemaSys has helped major retailers promote their merchandise. Starting out in a single small building with a single plastic extruder, under the name American Price Tag, Inc., our history began. From the beginning, we understood that our ultimate goal is moving product off of shelves and into shopping carts.

In 1974, our company was reincorporated as Fit-all Pricing Corporation to better reflect our broadening product and service offering to the retail market. By this time, our manufacturing capabilities had significantly expanded to include much more extrusion capacity, screen printing, die cutting, fabrication, binding, vacuum forming and injection molding.

In 1993, Fit-All expanded its manufacturing capabilities through the purchase of Central Sales Promotions, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK. We changed our name to SemaSys to represent the synergy between our two groups of talent and to better reflect our growing product offering. Together, we fit perfectly to bring a greater value to our retail clients. The market embraced our diversity and rewarded us with long lasting and deep relationships with the nation's top retailers.

Today, our company is even more diverse and brings even more value to our clients. With 75+ years of carefully accumulated capabilities and retail design experience, we stand apart from the competition. SemaSys owns in excess of 250,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution space, and employs in excess of 80 permanent dedicated associates who stand ready to fully commit to your projects.

In 2014, SemaSys completed over 3,000 different projects for the nation's top retailers. Why do we have that trust? Because we focus on moving product off of shelves and increasing sales through expert design, exceptional prototyping, diverse in-house manufacturing, incredible service and an appreciation for speed.


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